5 thoughts on “Stage 6

  1. Nature’s beauty is helping you through this tough challenge ! Your soo close I can see the light, the rainbow, the beer and tacos ! Your amazing !


  2. That spa day must seem like a distant memory! So glad to hear/see you today as nothing came yesterday but zombie! what a super tough 2 days you have had! And you did it !Scenery-is beautiful but captures the complexity of the elevations you are conquering! One more day! You all are amazing mountaineers ! And you are doing this for FUN!!!😘💕


  3. Nothing I say can inspire you fellas more than you have all of us watching this amazing trek. Be safe on this final stretch and get ready to celebrate!


  4. It sure looks tough! You guys are amazing! Look incredible! Congrats, it’s almost over! What an adventure and accomplishment. WOW! Enjoy your last day! Keep on running!


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